About Alicia

Hi, I’m Alicia — Thank you for your interest in my work! I love what I do and am excited you are curious about my offerings. I lead practices that are inspired by yoga, functional strength and mobility, self-myofascial release and meditation. In my classes, you will build your capacity for curiosity, inquiry, personal alignment and self-trust.

You are probably here because you, like me, love learning and growing and adapting. You want to be strong, flexible, mobile and durable. You want to move well and also to sit well, rest well and be more present in your body. I want these things for you, too!

Your Inner Teacher

The truth is, your best teacher is the one that dwells inside of you. My ultimate aim is to empower you to listen to your inner teacher – especially when it comes to applying the wisdom of yoga to your everyday life. 

Your body has an innate intelligence and if you pay attention to what it wants and knows, it can become a great tool for self-knowledge. But the modern world has so many distractions pulling us out of our bodies and away from our inner knowing so I also see the value of having outer teachers to point us back to the path.

Growth & Transformation

Every class I teach is a chance to drop in completely to a single moment with your full attention and aligned intention.

Teaching is an expression of creative flow for me, grounded by 20+ years of dedicated study and practice. I have worked hard in the last 5 years to synthesize everything I have gathered from my own teachers and personal practices and distill it into a packaged gift from my heart to yours.

I invite you to join me on this path of growth and transformation. Let’s keep evolving together!

Let's Connect

Want to work with Alicia one-on-one? Do have questions about an upcoming training or workshop, or just yoga in general? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

©  Alicia Moyer

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