Magical Mornings – Spring 2021

18 Magical Mornings

April 19-May 29
8:00-8:30 a.m. ET
Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 822 0448 6986
Passcode: 542818


Meditation Mondays

4/19/21: RECORDING (Setting intention, paying attention and befriending the breath to find center)
4/26/21: RECORDING (Hugging Meditation)
5/3/21: RECORDING (Smile Meditation to embrace the HEREness)
5/10/21: RECORDING (Loving Kindness Meditation)

Woo Woo Wednesdays

4/21/21: RECORDING (self-massage + the gunas: tamas/inertia, rajas/activity, saatva/harmony)
4/28/21: RECORDING (tattva mudra + chakra cleansing)
5/5/21: RECORDING (alternate nostril breathing + lessons of sthira & sukkha from Ganesha)

(Fun)ctional Fridays

4/23/21: RECORDING (barefoot dance party song)
4/30/21: RECORDING (barefoot dance party song)
5/7/21: RECORDING (song)

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